Imagine not having the most basic of needs, a roof over your head, this is the reality for so many

The global need for temporary shelters is vast, natural disasters, humanitarian crisis and forced displacement continue to leave humans without this most basic of needs.

Here in the UK the homeless population is on the increase and the economic challenges and uncertainty about the future as we battle with the current worldwide pandemic will no doubt force more people into homelessness.

What if aid organisations, charities and councils could have a stock of temporary shelters? A solution which was not only cheap but accessible and easily transported in emergency situations, offering refuge and dignity to those who temporarily have none.

We cannot provide a solution to the problems which leave so many without shelter, but simply hope to be part of a solution in those last resort emergency situations that aim to fulfill the minimum of human needs.

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Key features

  • Flat-pack
  • Ease of transportation and storage
  • Quick to assemble
  • Durable
  • Secure
  • Low-cost
  • Range of capacities and uses
  • Full protection from the elements


Podhub benefits

  • Clever flat-pack design allows easy transportation of numerous units. We are currently estimating 50 per 40 foot lorry.

  • Durable and secure with a locking door.

  • It’s easily assembled structure allows quick, temporary installation. The pod can be assembled on site in around 20 minutes with just two people and basic tools.

  • Provides full protection from the elements. Wind and waterproof with solar power providing heating, lighting and USB charging.

  • The basic sleeping pod, which is currently in development, accommodates up to four adults but the objective is to provide a versatile range of pod capacities and uses with eating, meeting and working facilities all viable adaptations.

  • Large windows with argon filled double glazing provide good thermal insulation and natural light.

  • Designed using recycled plastic board, for its excellent thermal properties.


The Team

Tony Parraman

Tony has worked in a variety of roles, firmly based in designing and making. He has run his own business and has a keen social conscience. Working in the field of sponsorship for Bloodhound LSR, he worked with numerous high-profile companies, raising funds to achieve many mile stones for the project. Podhubs represents a great opportunity to make an impact in many different areas.

Jonathan Hunt

An extremely experienced and passionate design engineer, over the years Jon has worked on submarines, space planes and land speed record cars. His years of design and practical experience means he knows how to take a project from conception to completion and not just scheme an unachievable fancy image.

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